Arbyrd News and Information

Arbyrd Missouri

The City of Arbyrd has installed a Community Library in Arbyrd City Hall. Please come and browse our shelves, enjoy the local newspaper, and use the internet. If you would like to donate books, money, supplies, or your time please contact Arbyrd City Hall. Thanks to everyone that has made donations of books.

A reminder: Water bills are due on the 10th of each month.  Late fees will be added on the 11th.  If payment is not made in full you will be subject to disconnect.  The reconnect fee is $50 and must be paid before reconnection.  We now accept debit and credit cards and payment can be made over the phone.

City Stickers are due by March 15 at a cost of $5. After this date the price will be $10 and you are subject to a court fine if stickers are not purchased for vehicles kept inside the city. Personal Property taxes must be paid before stickers can be purchased.

Firework stands will be allowed inside City limits with the purchase of a business license. This license can be purchased at Arbyrd City Hall at the cost of $15.50. You will be allowed to shoot fireworks between the hours of noon and midnight on July 3,4, and 5 at the Arbyrd City Park. Fireworks are prohibited in other areas of the city.