Mayor for a Day

The "Mayor for a Day" program is developed to promote youth interest in local, state, and federal government.  It is offered to one Southland High School student who meets all the qualifications listed below. The selected "Mayor for a Day" will conduct a “mock meeting” scheduled on the exemption day of the end of the 3rd quarter at 8:30 am subject to change. 

The qualifications for the Mayor for a Day Program are as follows:

  • The student must be a member of Student Council
  •  The student will must be taking or have passed an American Government Course
  •  The student must be involved in at least two athletic or extracurricular club activities
  • The student must be in the top five rank of his or her graduating class
  • The student will have an exemplary discipline record and must be pre-approved by the High School Principal
  • Any discipline measure that resulted in suspension or expulsion will automatically disqualify the student. 

    A list of candidates will be compiled, and submitted to the Southland C-9 High School principal by the Southland C-9 Social Studies Teacher.
The following method shall be used to vote on the pre-approved applicants:
·         The Mayor and City Council of the city of Arbyrd shall receive one vote.  The Council will vote on the applicants and the applicant who receives the majority vote shall be named as the winner.
         The members of the High School administration shall receive one vote. The administration will meet and decide which candidate will receive their vote.
·         The members of the Southland High School Teaching staff shall receive one vote.  The vote will be submitted to the Southland C-9 Social Studies Teacher by each member of the Southland staff and the majority winner shall be awarded the vote for the teachers.
·         The winner will need to receive two “collective” votes from the three categories of voters to be selected for the Mayor for a Day program.