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This beautiful handmade quilt was donated by Peggy Short of Arbyrd, MO. We are raffling this quilt to raise funds for our library. Tickets are $1 each; $5 for 6 tickets;  and may be purchased at Arbyrd City Hall. 100% of funds raised will benefit the Arbyrd Community Library.

Jeremy Payne (MoDNR), Mayor Jeff Wilson, and Shannon Todd from Horner & Shifrin Engineering. Mayor Wilson is accepting a $50,000 grant for wastewater improvement projects.

I keep having fundraisers and requesting donations for the library, but I got to thinking that maybe I've not been keeping everyone informed. First, a little history: Several years back the Dunklin County Library made the decision to leave Arbyrd, (was their prerogative). That left no library services here for those that can't travel to another town. Last year, I began to champion the cause to have a library here. The Mayor gave permission to start one in the conference room. I begged and pleaded with sponsors for money and material for shelving, computers, and supplies. We now have 2 computers and a printer, and two large shelves for adult and young adult books, and 4 smaller shelves for kids and adolescent books. Many people don't want to give because they pay library taxes when they pay property taxes, however, our library sees none of these funds. That money goes to the County Library System. Our library falls through the funding cracks because our location is within the Dunklin County Library area we cannot be accredited and qualify for funding. We survive solely on donations. We have been given permission to expand our shelving to an overflow area at the Arbyrd Community Center. However, shelving isn't cheap especially with no income. This is the reason we are requesting donation. $30 would purchase a shelf from Walmart. $5 would purchase a book end, or a pad of date due slips, or even a book. Currently we are selling chances on a quilt that was hand made by Peggy Short. We are also planning on having a Craft Fair Oct 1, we are in need of crafters or anyone that would like a booth. And monetary donations are always accepted. If you would like further information or would like to make a donation please contact me.


First Annual

Cotton Pickin Craft Fair and Flea Market October 1st  contact Arbyrd City Hall for details. Proceeds go to help the Arbyrd Community Library

Arbyrd City Hall

Located at 102 NE Frisco Street