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​Notice is further given that the purchaser of delinquent lands and lots shall receive a certificate of purcase describing the land purchased together with the amount bid and which said certificate of purchase shall bear interest at the rate of 10% per anum if redeemed in accordance with law in such cases made and provided, and then the purchaser will be entitled to a deed to said land in manner and form in accordance with law in such cases made and provided.  Bidders must be a resident of Missouri and sign an affidavit sying that they do not owe any delinquent taxes or appoint a resident to bid for them.  Payment in full by cash or equivalent, is due at time of sale.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have herunto set my hand and affixed my official seat at my office at Arbyrd, Dunklin County, Missouri, This 13th day of July, 2016.

Flora Smith, Collector-Treasurer of Arbyrd, Missouri, County of Dunklin. I Flora Smith, Collector-Treasurer of Arbyrd, Missouri do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct list of lands and lots that will be offered for sale in accordance with the provissions of the foregoing notice and is accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed in said notice.

Arbyrd City Hall

Located at 102 NE Frisco Street


Michael Gardner


This beautiful handmade quilt was donated by Peggy Short of Arbyrd, MO. We are raffling this quilt to raise funds for our library. Tickets are $1 each; $5 for 6 tickets;  and may be purchased at Arbyrd City Hall. 100% of funds raised will benefit the Arbyrd Community Library.

First Annual

Cotton Pickin Craft Fair and Flea Market October 1st  contact Arbyrd City Hall for details. Proceeds go to help the Arbyrd Community Library

Welcome to the new face of Arbyrd. Stop by to find out what's new in town.

2016 Arbyrd Cotton Pickin Festival

Saturday September 17

​All Day Event!!!

Free Entry in Battle of the Best Band in the Bootheel - $500 prize money.  Enter Now.

Arbyrd Missouri